Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines


                       We’ll be in the Calbiga cave for two days

                                                                                        And you’ll only see a tiny part of the cave…


“You cannot imagine the scale, the tunnels of the Samar caves are infinite.

You can climb across the rocks for hours, days, and not reach the end”


Calbiga Cave Phillipines 20 1024x768 Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines


We’ll sleep in the cave, eat in the cave, even $#!+ in the cave

                                                             …but we carry that back out with us

Calbiga Cave Phillipines 17 1024x768 Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines

“We will camp at the football field, a giant chamber next to an underground lake.”


The Calbiga Langun cave is the largest in the Philippines

                                                                       and currently ranked the 4th largest in the world

900 square km of grand tunnels and soaring chambers carved by the rivers that wind beneath the steamy jungle


Calbiga Cave Phillipines 6 1024x768 Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines

“The local people never went into the cave, they believed it was full of bad spirits.”

Calbiga Cave Phillipines 14 300x225 Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines

“Not that many people have visited the giant caves of Samar in the Philippines – one of the hidden secrets of the jungle.”

Calbiga Cave Phillipines 11 1024x768 Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines

Calbiga Cave Phillipines 22 1024x768 Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines

“Caving is one of the only ways you can be an explorer in the 21st century.” J. Bonifacio

“We’re still exploring, maybe one day we’ll find some of the other huge caves nearby join into Calbiga. Samar could still have the worlds largest cave.”


                                                                                     Thanks to Joni Bonifacio for the tour of Calbiga

                          Stay tuned for I’m Not Home‘s stories of this unique caving experience.

Calbiga Cave Phillipines 15 1024x768 Delving into Calbiga Cave, Philippines

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